Custom Swim Molds

Our custom swim molds offer protection from moisture while swimming and bathing. While no swim molds offer a "perfect" seal, our molds are engineered to give the most protection from moisture of any product on the market today.

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Our swim molds offer moisture proteciton while swimming and bathing. 

Our swim molds are floatable, and come with a lanyard (optional), and carrying case.

Since these molds are custom made, an ear impression is needed for each ear for us to make a custom mold.  When you've placed your order, we will ship you a D-I-Y ear impression kit that includes an instruction manual.  This process is easier if you help from a friend or loved one.  If you do not feel comfortable with doing the ear impressions yourself, you can go to the nearest hearing aid center or Audiologist to have them take your ear impressions.  Having your ear impressions done professionally will certainly better your chances of a perfect fit, but will most likely cost you between $40-$100.