Nitro Defender-25 Electronic Ear Muffs

The Nitro Ear Nitro Defender-25 electronic ear muffs are designed to be worn in any situation that requires you to be able to hear while protecting your hearing from damaging loud sounds.

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The Nitro Defender-25 electronic ear muffs have all the features of some of the more expesive models on the market today at a much cheaper price.  With two seperate circuits, you get true directionality, and the ability to customize the volume level in each ear.  These muffs provide superior protection while giving you high definition hearing enhancement. 

Colors Available: O.D. Green

They can be used for hunting, shooting, work, motorsports, or anything that requires hearing protection.
4 AAA batteries included.

The Nitro Ear "Nitro Defender-25 comes standard with these features:

* Individual circuits that provide better directionality while hunting
* O.D. green color provides maximum concealment while hunting
* Streamlined cup allows more room for cheek weld
* Automatic suppression of sounds over 85db
* On/off switch with volume control
* Fully adjustable headband
* Up to 5x's amplification with 50db. of power
* 25db. Noise Reduction Rating

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