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Nitro Flex Custom Digital Units with a SOFT SHELL!

$1,099.00 + S&H


The Nitro Flex Pro is a custom electrronic hearing enhancement and protection device.  This unit features our "Flex" soft shell that gives the unit a much higher NRR up to 30db, and much more comfort.  The Flex shell is rigid enough to protect the components of the unit, while providing the comfort of a silicone plug.  The Flex shell comes in all the same colors as the Silicone ear plugs and can have up to three colors swirled together.  If you choose the multi-color option, please specify what colors are to be swirled in the "Add Note To Seller" section located below your name and address BEFORE you hit the "Pay Now" button.  The faceplate comes in beige or tactical black.

With the Nitro Flex, you get the best in hearing enhancement with our 12 channel digital signal processor, and the protection of our custom fit full shell design.  These units can also be programmed to your specific hearing loss.  All you have to do is return a copy of your latest hearing test with your ear impressions and we'll program them to your hearing.  Since these units are custom made, an ear impression is needed for each ear for us to make a custom mold.  When you've placed your order, we will ship you a D-I-Y ear impression kit that includes an instruction manual, if you selected the "At Home D-I-Y Ear Impression" option.  This process is easier if you help from a friend or loved one.  If you do not feel comfortable with doing the ear impressions yourself, you can choose the "Ear Impressions Done Professionally", and go to the nearest hearing aid center or Audiologist to have them take your ear impressions.  Having your ear impressions done professionally will certainly better your chances of a perfect fit, but will most likely cost you between $40-$100.

The Nitro Flex comes with a push button control that has four listening modes:

The first program is a low gain (approx. 10db) program set for listeneing in the woods or on the range where there is low ambient noise. Example would be if there is no wind or rain.
The second program is a medium gain (approx. 15db) program designed to increase the hearing range in mid to high frequencies by 40-50% in moderate wind noise.
The third program is a high gain (approx. 30-40db) program designed for over-all increased range in low to mid and mid to high frequencies. (The best setting for tracking game).
The fourth program is a wide band signal cancellation and equalization that reduces wind reaction when hunting or shooting on windy days and gives the user more situational awareness and better ability to hear in 360°.

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